Spearfishing - Stock Footage

Blue Water Hunting International has one of the world’s largest libraries of spearfishing related images. Rob Torelli has been filming spearfishing images since 1996 and has a good mixture of both temperate and tropical species.

His best images have been shot in the open clear waters and often involve great shark interaction.

Blue Sharks in Southern Australia


Rob Torelli filming Blue Sharks in Southern Australia.

His models include some of the best spearfisherman in the world and many of the sequences are unique.

These images have all been shot on broadcast quality cameras (Both 3 chip DV Cam and High Definition).

Some of the Blue Water Hunting International spearfishing stock footage library includes sequences of large Marlin and Tuna being speared, sharks engulfing a spearfisherman’s catch, Fur seals chasing tuna after being speared and close up encounters with dangerous sharks.

Blue Water Hunting International library of quality underwater images isn’t restricted to spearfishing and we have a vast array of blue water subject matter including over forty species of Sharks and Cetaceans.

Blue Water Hunting International has a great variety of stock footage, be it footage of a Tiger shark feeding on a Grey Reef shark or perhaps a massive bait ball involving hundreds of Spinner sharks, Brydes Whales and gamefish. Other unique images include divers with a pod of Killer Whales, footage of Marlin feeding on a baitball or images of a rare Leatherback Turtle.

In fact, our library of underwater images represent some of the most dramatic and unique shark encounters ever recorded. Some of these sequences have been used in Blue Chip natural history programs across the globe.

For marine stock footage enquires contact us.

To preview a sample of our stock footage library check the link below to our Spearfishing Video Clips.

If you would like any spearfishing sequences shot Robert Torelli also works as a freelance underwater cinematographer and is an expert freediving cameraman. Robert also shoots digital still images of spearfishing and has a growing library of quality digital shots. For rates or more information, contact us.



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