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"Extreme Blue Water Fishing Portland"


“Extreme Blue Water Fishing Portland” Portland is the first in a new series of fishing DVD’s from seven times Australian Spearfishing Champion Rob Torelli of Blue Water Hunting International.

In this show, Rob Torelli teams up with blue water fishing guru Simon Rinaldi. The pair goes in pursuit of blue water game fish near the continental shelf off Portland, Victoria, Australia.

The 2009 season saw the return of the massive Blue fin Tuna and Simon lands an amazing 101 kg specimen. They also encounter some great Albacore tuna action and a quadruple hook up on Southern Blue fin tuna. Simon shows us how to go Mako shark fishing and lands an awesome Mako on 10 kg line.

The concluding segment sees Rob Torelli taking us blue water spearfishing in pursuit of Southern Blue fin tuna. In a world first Rob Torelli lands an IUSA World Record Southern Blue fin tuna.

The unprecedented underwater action is a true highlight of the show. This mind blowing DVD is educational, entertaining and exciting and show cases the world class blue water fishing off Portland, Victoria, Australia.

Here’s what Australian fishing guru Al McGlashan from Strikezone Media had to say about “Extreme Bluewater Fishing Portland”:

"Hunters & Gatherers, Underwater Fishing In Victoria"


“Hunters and Gatherers – Underwater Fishing In Victoria” is presented and produced by Robert Torelli. Robert Torelli is a former 7 times Australian and 10 times Victorian Spearfishing Champion.

Through out this production Robert and fellow expert spear fisherman Drew Fenny, Grant Temple and Jack Monkiewicz show you how and where to go spearfishing in Victoria. Informative segments include hunting and gathering for delicacies such as crayfish, scallops and abalone. Spearfishing segments include how to land sought after species such as Snapper, King George Whiting and squid along with a host of other reef species.

The DVD concludes with an amazing segment on blue water hunting in which Robert lands a World Record Southern Blue Fin Tuna.

“Hunters and Gatherers – Underwater Fishing In Victoria” is the first production ever on underwater fishing in Victoria and is both educational and entertaining.

"Spearfishing in the Coral Sea"

Spearfishing in the Coral SeaSpearfishing in the Coral Sea“Spearfishing in the Coral Sea” was first released on video in 1988 and was instantly recognised as a “classic” spearfishing production, the first of its kind in over twenty-five years.

This DVD was directed and filmed by award winning film maker and six time Australian Open Spearfishing Champion Rob Torelli in the crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea. Join Rob and his companions on a spearfishing adventure of a lifetime, as they pursue a host of quality reef and blue water species such as Coral Trout and the elusive DogTooth Tuna.

Watch in disbelief as these hunters become the hunted in an inspiring attempt to land Giant Trevally, Wahoo, Barracuda, DogTooth Tuna, etc in the shark-infested waters of the wild blue. Learn the techniques from these divers as they capture the art of spearfishing and freediving in video in some of the most exciting, action packed footage ever recorded.

This stunning Production takes time out to illustrate some of the other highlights of the Coral Sea trip such as sport-fishing, diving with Tiger Sharks, sea snakes, Spanner Crab fishing, etc.

As an added DVD bonus Blue Water Hunting International have included a new chapter titled “Secrets of a Champion”. This chapter features six times Australian Spearfishing Champion Ian Puckeridge as he reveals and demonstrates some of the secrets that have helped him be recognised as Australia’s most versatile spearfisherman.

With a total running time of 85 minutes this new digitally remastered DVD should prove to continue its “Classic” status. A must see for any spearfisherman and sportsfisherman alike.

Watch the trailer now!

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"Spearfishing Safari - Coral Sea"

Spearfishing SafariSpearfishing Safari“Spearfishing Safari – Coral Sea” was directed and filmed by six time Australian Open Spearfishing Champion Robert Torelli.

Join three times Australian Spearfishing Champion Andy Ruddock and Californian spearfisherman George “Doc” Lopez (USA World Record holder for Black Marlin) on board the Bucephalus, a 62 Cruising yacht as they dive and explore the crystal clear waters of the Coral Sea.

Learn the techniques on how to capture quality reef fish species as well as the way experienced spearfisherman handle the various shark species encountered in the tropics.

Learn from the guys as they trial unique spearfishing equipment and encounter massive Tiger Sharks and Great Hammerheads.

Watch an amazing sequence of how Andy manages to land a 70-pound Wahoo as well as various other pelagic fish. Superb photography, educational and action packed, makes this production one of the finest spearfishing videos ever!

As an added bonus the Blue Water Hunting International team have included an additional chapter and unique footage of Doc’s recent World Record Black Marlin from Tonga.

Titled “Marlin Quest- Doc’s World Record” this features some of the most amazing spearfishing action ever recorded! With a running time of almost 90 minutes, this digitally remastered DVD is one of the most exciting, educational and entertaining DVD’s ever produced on Spearfishing.

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"Extreme Blue Water Action"

Extreme Blue Water ActionExtreme Blue Water Action“Extreme Blue Water Action” takes spearfishing productions to the next level! Directed and filmed by award winning film-makers Robert Torelli and Mark Priest, this production shows Blue Water Spearfishing like never before!

The Blue Water Hunting International team show the new breed of breath hold game fishermen venturing miles offshore into the "Blue Water World" in search of Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado.

This production features an international crew, including former World Spearfishing Champions the legendary Jean Baptiste Esclapez and Dennis Hausler along with multiple Australian Spearfishing Champions Ian Puckeridge, Andy Ruddock and Paul Riorden.

Former World Spearfishing Champion J B Esclapez spears a 70 pound Wahoo with his small spear gun.

Learn “pioneering” techniques on blue water hunting as these world class divers smash the Australian Records for Striped Marlin and Albacore Tuna in unprecedented sequences.

Filmed along the Australian East coast, through out the South Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico this truly unique production is an extraordinary look at the sport of Blue Water Hunting.

"A World First, Breath Taking Big pelagic action like never before"
Dr. Adam Smith. Chair, Australian Underwater Federation and Australian Spearfishing Champion 2006.

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"Wild Blue, a New Zealand Spearfishing Experience"

NewZealand Spearfishing Experience NewZealand Spearfishing ExperienceThis production was filmed by six times New Zealand Spearfishing Champion Darren Shields.

Darren is his countries most experienced and decorated spearfisher and an expert on spearing both Snapper and the mighty Yellow Tail Kingfish. In this production you will witness some of the best schooling Yellowtail Kingfish footage ever recorded. You will see Yellowtail Kingfish being speared upto the magical 100 pound mark. Follow the “Snapper Snoopers” as they pursue this elusive and tasty species in the shallow weed. Other quality species that feature include Hapuka, Boarfish and huge schools of milling Kahawai.

Darren shows us how to collect tasty crayfish and scallops whilst freediving. Join Darren Shields, his son Jackson and friends on a New Zealand Spearfishing Experience.

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"Freediving Adventures in Vanuatu"

Freediving Adventures in VanuatuBlue Water Hunting International has now released their classic video production, “Freediving Adventures in Vanuatu” out on DVD. Produced in 1999, this production has proven to be one of the most popular in the Blue Water Hunting International series. With segments on blue water hunting such species as Dog Tooth Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish, etc this DVD is not only very exciting but also quite educational and informative. The blue water segments are filmed at the various FADS, sea mounts and amazing reef structures like Monument Rock and Hat Island. Other segments include reef spearfishing with both the two featured divers (Steve “Action Man” Crabtree and Christopher Cartwright) along with some local Ni Vanuatu divers.

As with other Blue Water Hunting International recent releases on DVD this DVD has an additional video clip attached. This chapter titled “Three Kings and Beyond” was filmed on Blue Water Hunting International recent trips to the amazing Three Kings Islands off New Zealands North Island and features amazing Yellowtail Kingfish footage. Giant specimens up to 90 pounds are landed along with other spectacular footage of freediving with Sunfish and Mako Sharks. Perhaps the best footage is the sequences with freedivers and Killer Whales. In a rare chance encounter the freedivers come face to face with one of the most awesome predators in the ocean.

With an overall running time of approximately 85 minutes this DVD is exceptional value at $39.95 AUD (Including postage).

Watch the trailer for Freediving Adventures in Vanuatu..

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“Immersion 1-Spearfishing the NSW North Coast”

This production was filmed by Brett Vercoe, the 2005 Australian Blue Water Classic Spearfishing Champion. New South Wales, on the Australian East Coast has some of the most diverse and exciting spearfishing in the World.

Each year, the East Australian Current brings warm tropical waters from the Coral Sea into the NSW where they mix with cool temperate waters, creating a unique environment where a great variety of tropical and temperate water species live side by side.

In this production we are introduced to 59 species of fish, including the majestic Mulloway, Wahoo, Samson fish and Yellowtail Kingfish. 
Brett takes us to some of the best spearfishing locations on the NSW North Coast in this exciting and unique quality spearfishing production.

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“Immersion 2-Spearfishing the NSW North Coast”

“Immersion 2, Spearfishing the NSW North Coast” is Brett Vercoe’s second production in the popular Immersion spearfishing series. Brett Vercoe, (the 2005 Australian Blue Water Classic Spearfishing Champion) takes us to his home waters of New South Wales, on the Australian East Coast and shows us some of the most diverse and exciting spearfishing in the World.


Each year, the East Australian Current brings warm tropical waters from the Coral Sea into the NSW where they mix with cool temperate waters, creating a unique environment where a great variety of tropical and temperate water species live side by side.

This DVD features the elusive Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Mulloway, Kingfish and Dolphin fish along with quality reef species such as Mangrove Jacks. In fact, 75 species of fish feature in this exciting broadcast quality production including the capture of two NSW State Record fish.

Another great production featuring quality images and a variety of top notch spearfisherman.

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