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The West Coast of Western Australia has some of the most spectacular and unique spearfishing in the world!

Blue Water Hunting International is the first company in the world to offer guided spearfishing expeditions to this remote coastline. Our spearfishing expeditions centre on the Shark Bay area, adjacent to Dirk Hartog Island.

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Zyutdorp Cliffs Spearfishing trips are done as live-a-boards expeditions. Divers get to experience the rugged coastline off the West Coast of Dirk Hartog Island and along the magnificent Zyutdorp cliffs to the south. The live-a-board expeditions are all fully guided and are based on one of our several proven 15-20 meter vessels.
The spectacular and rugged Zyutdorp Cliffs offer exceptional diving.


Typical duration of trips is 6-7 days, depending on individual needs and availability of time. Blue Water Hunting International can “customise” trips for individual clients needs.


Diving conditions around Dirk Hartog Island vary quite considerably. The eastern side of the island is more sheltered and offers shallow water (5-10 meters deep) diving with quality reef species whilst the Western side of the Island is more rugged and deeper (10-25 meters). This area is the domain of the more elusive pelagic species along with quality reef species.

Water temperature varies from between 18-26 Degrees Celsius, with the cooler water occurring in August-September. The seasonal ocean currents do affect the water temperature. Generally a good quality 3mm or a 5mm wet suit is sufficient.


Reef species encountered in this region include Pink Snapper, Coral Trout, Black Spot Tuskfish, Bald Chin Grouper, Mangrove Jack along with various species from the Emperor family.

The game fish found in this region include the highly prized Spanish Mackerel, Cobia (Black Kingfish), Yellowtail Kingfish, Samson fish, Sailfish, Marlin, Northern Blue fin Tuna, Wahoo and various smaller species of Mackerel family.

Snapper, a prized catch for spearfishers.
Spanish Mackerel The prized Spanish Mackerel are the target species of most spearfisherman and the current IBRSC World Record for Spanish Mackerel was taken here by Greg Pickering. It weighed an amazing 46 kg. This are is without doubt one of the most reliable places on earth to hunt big Spanish Mackerel.
The challenging and tasty Spanish Mackerel.


Diving around the Dirk Hartog Island area is very good from March through to September. Blue Water Hunting International typically run trips from March through to June or July. “Customised” trips can be arranged with prior warning. Good Spanish Mackerel can be found through out this time period with March through to July providing great weather and exceptional spearfishing.


spearfishing experience There is a good variety of diving available in this region and divers from most experience levels will enjoy safe and rewarding diving. The Blue Water Hunting International team will help ensure you are grouped together with divers of similar experience and guides are on hand to assist new comers
13 year old Jack Priest managed this 50 pound Samson Fish in just 10 meters of water!



As with all Blue Water Hunting International trips we provide quality wholesome meals and good Australian wines. We will eat a reasonable amount of your freshly caught fish and if you have any special dietary requirements we always try and accommodate for your needs.


great table fish Your catch will consist of some very good table fish and these can be filleted and boxed up for your return to the mainland. Strict fishing bag limits apply in West Australia but are fair and divers are allowed a good “mixed bag” of fish. If divers can not take their fish home Blue Water Hunting International will donate your fish to a local organisation.
This region offers some great table fish!


DVD’S of the area:

Blue Water Hunting International has produced a brief (7-minute) DVD showing a typical trip to this region. If you would like to see this promotional DVD contact us for a copy.


As with all of our destinations, private customised charters to the Coral Sea are available on a number of different vessels or you can utilise your own vessel and bring our crew along as expert guides. Private tuition is also available and whilst this style of trip is not within every ones budget, it does result in very rewarding results. Testimonials are available upon request from past clients.


The typical 7-day package costs approximately $3500-$4200 Australian Dollars and includes 6 full days diving and all meals, guides, etc. Blue Water Hunting International can “customise” trips to clients needs from individuals through to fully catered for live a boards. Contact us for further information.


flown directly to Dirk Hartog Island

As with all of our destinations, private charters can be arranged for individuals or groups. Contact us for more information. These private charters can include some of the world’s best spearfisherman as your guides and customised trip videos.

Our customised charters allow for divers to be flown directly to Dirk Hartog Island.


Blue Water Hunting International has fully booked their May live-a-board 2010 expedition to this region. There are several guided 7 day packages planned for 2011 from March onwards. Check back in late June for a report on our May trip.


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