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Blue Water Hunting International prides itself on providing our guests with the best possible spearfishing guides available. Our guides are not only great spearfisherman but also have good people skills. The spearfishing guides have good local knowledge of most areas and will always endeavour to help fulfil the client’s dreams.

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As principal of Blue Water Hunting International Pty Ltd, Robert Torelli plans all spearfishing expeditions conducted by Blue Water Hunting International. He attends most trips but on occasions trips will be led by other expert guides such as Dr. Adam Smith.

Aged 44, Robert has been spearfishing for over 30 years and is the current Australian Open Spearfishing Champion. In fact, Robert has a record 7 Australian Open Spearfishing titles to his credit. He has a vast amount of blue water spearfishing experience through out Australia, Indonesia and the South Pacific region.

Rob TorelliRobert hold various National and World Spearfishing Records and at present has two IUSA World Records for both Big Eye and Southern Blue Fin Tuna.

Robert is also a very competent underwater cameraman and often spends a lot of time filming clients on their spearfishing vacation

Robert is a PADI Divemaster and has recently completed his Coxswain Course (restricted boat Skipper). He has a St Johns Level 2 First Aid Certificate.

Robert is also Co-founder and editor of “International Freediving and Spearfishing News”, a quarterly publication by Mountain, Ocean and Travel Publications.

Robert also works as a commercial diver harvesting abalone.



Dr Adam Smith
Dr Adam Smith and a Black Spot Tuskfish taken on the Great Barrier Reef
Adam is aged 47 and has freedived for 30 years mainly in NSW and Qld and competed in several national, state and local titles and represented Australia at World Championships for spearfishing (Spain) and freediving (Italy) and the Interpacific (New Zealand, Tahiti and New Caledonia). Adam has won the national “Super Diver” twice for spearfishing, fin swimming and underwater photography. Adam is a former Australian Open Spearfishing Champion Adam has worked as a guide on several of Blue Water Hunting International expeditions to the Coral Sea and really enjoys diving with new people and sharing his knowledge.

Adam is the author of the book “Underwater fishing in Australia and New Zealand” (2000), numerous articles on fish and diving and publisher of annual Fantastic Fish Calendar and appearances on numerous DVDs and videos. Adam has been Awarded “Skindiver of the year”, “Sportsman of the year” and national “Beau Beere award”

Dr Adam Smith has been the leader of the Australian Underwater Federation National Spearfishing Commission in Australia since 2002 (www.auf-spearfishing.com.au). Adam strongly believes that recreational spearfishing is sustainable, selective, safe and provides fresh seafood- and is the most environmentally friendly method to harvest fish (no bait, no bycatch, no habitat damage, no impact on threatened species).

Adam has a BSc(Hons) and PhD in Marine Science and a Masters in Business Administration. Adam is also a certified Dive master, Commercial Diver and trained in First Aid.



Andy RuddockAndy Ruddock is aged 56 and has been diving for over 45 years. Andy has 3 Australian Open Spearfishing Championships to his credit along with numerous Veteran Championships. He has represented his country on a number of occasions in areas such as New Zealand, Spain, Mexico and New Caledonia. He has dived extensively through out Australia in competition as well as commercially.

Andy now resides in Cairns, Queensland and works as in the Eco Tourism industry.

He has formally enjoyed a career of commercial diving for Sea Urchin, Pearls, Abalone, Trochus and fish.

Andy is equally at home reef fishing as he is in the blue water. He has previously speared a 240 kg Pacific Blue Fin Tuna along with other quality fish. Some of Andy’s best catches include large Dogtooth Tuna, Sailfish, Albacore Tuna, Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Yellowtail Kingfish, Samson fish and lots more.

Andy was Blue Water Hunting International first guide and has been a guide since 1995. He enjoys the social aspect of trips and is always keen to share his experience and knowledge. He is a very competent line fisherman and enjoys fishing but spearfishing is still his forte.






Drew Fenney at the tender age of 29 is the newest addition to the Blue Water Hunting International team, but don’t let his age deceive you. He has been diving for nearly 20 years, and has dived competitively for the last 15 years. In this time Drew has won two Australian Intermediate Championships, a Runner Up National Championship, the Victorian State Titles and the annual Eden 3-way state title. In Drew’s his first year of senior competition he was runner up in the Australian 2008 National Titles. He has also represented Australia in two world titles in Portugal and Venezuela, and been part of three Inter Pacific teams competing in Eden, New Zealand and Hawaii with Australia winning in Eden and Hawaii.

Drew works as a commercial diver and part time at Legendary Skindiving Equipment where he does work with two of Australia’s leading spearfishing companies, Picasso Australia and Torelli Spearfishing. Drew’s work entails manufacturing spear guns and other spearfishing equipment, recommending diving equipment and communicating with divers from all over the world. Drew has also worked with underwater film maker Rob Torelli accompanying him with stills and motion picture filming. Through Drew’s work with Rob, he has been able to participate in personal guiding in the Coral Sea.

Drew is a very competent diver in both tropical and temperate climates. This is reflected within the array of Drew’s finest caught fish. Some of Drew’s most memorable catches including Dogtooth Tuna, Cobia, Jewfish, Spanish Mackerel, Dolphin Fish, Large Snapper, Giant Trevally and many more.

When Drew isn’t spearing quality game, he enjoys diving with sharks, Whales, Dolphins and all other marine life.



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