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Port Stephens is based on Australia’s East coast and is one of the South Pacific’s Marlin fishing “Hot Spots”. Just two and a half-hours North of Sydney, New South Wales, Port Stephens boasts both Black and Striped Marlin. Whilst these species are common in season, (January through to May) Blue Marlin and Short Bill Spearfish can even be caught.

This area is where spearfishing for Striped Marlin was first attempted in the late 1990’s. Blue Water Hunting International has led numerous successful spearfishing expeditions to this region since.

Divers have the opportunity to tease up marlin and then spear them or to fish the bait balls that congregate in the off shore waters. Six times Australian Champions Rob Torelli and Ian Puckeridge filmed some unique marlin spearfishing sequences here several years back and feature in the Blue Water Hunting International DVD “Extreme Blue Water Action”.
Ian Puckeridge with Australian Record Striped Marlin taken off Port Stephens.


All trips are day trips depart Port Stephens on board the latest state of the art gamefishing vessels. These vessels come complete with experienced marlin spearfishing guides such as Ian Puckeridge and Rob Torelli. A typical day at sea is 10 hours and the Blue Water Hunting International team can even supply the relevant marlin spearfishing rig .ie. (Floats, bungy line and blue water spearguns) Blue Water Hunting International only reserve the boat upon confirmation of a charter and do not run regular charters.
Blue Water Spearfishermen off Port Stephens with Striped Marlin.


Divers can expect water temperature of around 22-23 Degrees Celsius in marlin season and relatively clear water. (15 meters visibility on average). The marlin is caught in open ocean conditions and divers should be competent in the open water environment.


Marlin spearfishing charters are not cheap as they entail exclusively chartering a game fishing boat and employing experienced dive guides. Packages start at $4200 Australia Dollars per day and Blue Water Hunting International charter allow for a maximum of 3 spearfisherman. If three spearfisherman do a share charter costs can be divided between divers at an approximate cost of $1400 each per diver.

Please contact us for more information or to make a booking.

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