Our Philosophy

Blue Water Hunting International believes that spearfishing is the most selective form of fishing in the world today. We don’t practise “tag and release” but rather we “release” and then “take” our select catch. We believe in quality and not quantity.

under water shot of Booby Bird

The emphasis on our trips is to target open water pelagic fish species and we take minimal reef species. The spearfisherman has the advantage over most forms of fishing in that they can see their prey and thus only “hand pick” their desired catch.

Blue Water Hunting International are selective and conservative, and believe in  fishing for the future. We believe in giving our clients the best chance to follow their dreams in the selective hunting of prized species. Our guided trips provide safety and expertise and increase the chances of divers landing their catch.

Blue Water Hunting International has their own “self imposed” fishing guidelines that are often much more conservative than the enforced fishing regulations.

We hope that the sport of blue water spearfishing can be enjoyed by our future generations of “hunters”.

Robert Torelli, 2010.










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