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Blue Water Hunting International principal, Robert Torelli, first visited New Zealand in 1983 as part of the Australian Spearfishing Team. Since then Robert has returned fifteen times on various spearfishing expeditions. This has led him to the following conclusion:

two fine 3 Kings Yellowtail “New Zealand has some of the most exciting and rewarding blue water spearfishing in the world! What this destination lacks in variety of species it makes up for in size. Spearfishing World Records for such species as Yellowtail Kingfish over the magical 100 pound mark, record Blue Fin Tuna to over 650 pounds and massive Striped Marlin to 300 pounds ensures this destination is a premier blue water charter destination. Add to this exciting encounters with Killer Whales, Sunfish, bait balls and the occasional Mako Shark and you”re in blue water heaven”
Left to right - Canadian Philip Virgil and Dave Brooks, (USA) with two fine 3 Kings Yellowtail.

New Zealand Map


Blue Water Hunting International has a number of different options for spearfishing expeditions to New Zealand. These include day trip packages, live a board packages or a combination of both. A number of different vessels are utilised depending on divers requirements. See below for details.

3 Kings Islands – Live-a-board option:

For divers seeking a unique, adventurous and challenging spearfishing destination, this trip is for you. Target species in this region include massive Yellowtail Kingfish to over 100 pounds; world record sized Striped Marlin and Albacore Tuna.

Add to this delicacies such as Crayfish, Paua (New Zealand abalone) and Sea Urchin and your set for some delicious gourmet meals as well.
This option can include some diving along the NZ mainland (East Coast) and offshore islands. This region is stunning both above and below water.
Divers should be of moderate experience as the Three Kings region is prone (at times) to strong currents. Water visibility often exceeds 25 meters.

Trips depart Monganui and are available from March through to May. We can cater for groups from 5- 10 down to individual charters. We have several charter options available.

rugged coast of the 3 Kings Island Blue Water Hunting International has a DVD available to view from their maiden trip to this region in April 2004. Here our clients all speared massive Yellowtail Kingfish to 90 pounds, landed big snapper and even swam with Killer Whales.

Contact us for a look at this stunning DVD.

The rugged coast of the 3 Kings Island provides great “drop offs” ideal for Yellowtail Kingfish.

Bay of Islands live a board:

Situated on the North East corner of the North Island is the magnificent Bay Of Islands. This area has plenty of safe anchorages and world class spearfishing. Known for its massive schools of Yellowtail Kingfish, this area also produces great Snapper, crayfish and also has other delicacies such as Paua, Mussels and Scallops. Trips can re run as either day trips or live-a-board trips.

70 pound Yellowtail

Vessel sizes are typically small for live aboards (12-15 meters) and ideal for small numbers of divers from 2-6. We will supply your personalised guide for this trip of a lifetime.

Packages are customised and prices upon application.

Dave Brooks and Rob Torelli with Daves 70 pound Yellowtail, 30 minutes into day
1 of the trip.

Click the movies below to see some of the Bay of Islands amazing Kingfish action.



Greymouth, home of the monster Bluefin Tuna:

August 2006 saw a quantum leap forward in blue water spearfishing in New Zealand and in deed the world! Five Pacific Blue Fin Tuna were landed off the coast of Greymouth, New Zealand weighing between 180-292 kilograms smashing the IUSA and IBRSC World Record of 180 kg set back in 1981 by Terry Maas. Since 2006 Blue Water Hunting International have led two very successful guided expeditions back to this region in 2007 and 2008. These guided trips resulted in ALL clients being able to get a spear into a Blue fin Tuna. All fish weighed in at over 210 kg!
Rod and his 240kg Blue Fin Tuna

These trips are that special that we have dedicated a separate page for these incredible expeditions. Click here to learn more on these trips.


Blue Water Hunting International recommends a minimum of a 7-day package to give yourself the best opportunity to experience diving in this region.


Jake Morris-Torelli and a great NZ Snapper New Zealand boasts some of the finest temperate water diving conditions in the world. With numerous islands and plenty of protection divers can experience safe diving in many of the sheltered islands and protected bays. Water temperature varies between locations and times of the year with temperatures varying between 17-22 Degrees Celsius.
Winners are Grinners, Jake Morris-Torelli and a great NZ Snapper.

Generally, a 5-mm wet suit is worn but at times divers can get away with just a 3-mm wetsuit. Visibility is often very clear and many of the offshore islands offer 20 plus meters visibility. The best time of the year is from January through to June.

two 40 kg Yellowtail Kingfish

“I have dived in New Zealand a number of times. The highlight of my trips have been visiting the Three Kings Islands area. Here there are big drop offs with plenty of bait fish and large Yellow tail Kingfish in huge schools. I managed a 40kg fish on my first trip.  Lobster and abalone are easy to find. The water is clear and it makes for some very exciting diving!”

Ian Puckeridge, 6 times Australian Open Spearfishing Champion.

Ian Puckeridge and Terry Coombs with two 40 kg Yellowtail Kingfish.


Yellowtail Kingfish Sahimi New Zealand has some of the finest eating fish in the world! From the tasty Crayfish, Paua (New Zealand abalone) and Kina (New Zealand sea urchin) to Snapper and Kingfish. Your fish can be frozen or smoked and packed ready to be taken home with you. On our live a boards we always enjoy fresh seafood daily.

Your host Rob Torelli about to serve up some Yellowtail Kingfish Sahim


As with all of our destinations, private charters can be arranged for individuals or groups. Contact us for more information. These private charters can include some of the world’s best spearfisherman as your guides and customised trip videos.

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