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Coral Sea MapBlue Water Hunting International have been running spearfishing expeditions to the Coral Sea for over twelve years. This destination is our premier charter destination and the reason is simple:

“The Coral Sea off Australia’s north-east coast boast warm and crystal clear waters along with rich fishing grounds year round”


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Due to the distances travelled on our spearfishing charters to the Coral Sea (up to 300 kilometres off the Australian coastline) all trips to this region are conducted from large live a board vessel.


Typical duration of expeditions to the Coral Sea vary from 9-12 days. We have found this allows for adequate travel time and allows divers a good opportunity to visit both the offshore Coral Sea reefs as well as enjoy some diving around the Great Barrier Reef.


Typical underwater visibility in the Coral Sea is 35-40 meters whilst the water temperature varies between 24-28 degrees celcius depending on exact location and season. The Coral Sea generally provides calm surface conditions and diverse diving suitable enough for divers of all levels of experience. From the lagoons and insides of the reefs to the more open and exposed channels and outside reef edges. Depths vary from the shallow lagoons to the deep drop offs found on some reefs.


World Record Tuna Catch Some of the game fish we encounter whilst spearfishing in the Coral Sea include Wahoo, Sailfish, Marlin and Dorardo. These species tend to be found within 10 meters of the surface whilst the Dog Tooth Tuna tend to frequent the deeper reefs. The World Record Dog Tooth Tuna has been broken on numerous occasion on our trips to the Coral Sea and fish to two hundred pound are regularly seen.

Other species of pelagic fish include Yellowfin Tuna, Amberjacks, Rainbow Runner, Barracuda and various species of the trevally family.

Bernard Finnerty with his IUSA World Record Dog Tooth Tuna, taken in the Coral Sea.
Giant Trevally Other quality species such as the tasty Green Jobfish and Coral Trout are often found in the sheltered lagoons or being attracted to divers with berly/chum.
Amercian Blue Water Hunter, Joe Tobin, with a large Coral Sea Giant Trevally


The Coral Sea does produce quality fish year round but the weather is generally better, (lighter winds) in October through to December.

Many of Blue Water Hunting International clients return to the Coral Sea annually from overseas to enjoy this incredible destination. See our testimonials for various divers accounts to their visits to the Coral Sea.

Blue Water Hunting International have produced two broadcast quality DVD’s on spearfishing in the Coral Sea. Both “Spearfishing in the Coral Sea” and “Spearfishing Safari – Coral Sea” are available on DVD and have proven very popular spearfishing productions.

See a sneak preview of the type of diving in the Coral Sea - watch the video here.

Spearfishing in the Coral Sea Spearfishing Safari

Our guides for our Coral Sea trips vary from trip to trip but all are very experienced in spearfishing this region. Their role includes diver safety, working the flashers and chumming to attract gamefish. On certain trips it can even include filming and photographing the spearfishing vacation.


These trips are fully catered for and include healthy, delicious meals including regular fresh fish meals. All beer, wine and soft drinks are included.


Your catch is frozen fresh daily and packed upon return and can be taken home with you or we will take care of your catch.


As with all of our destinations, private customised charters to the Coral Sea are available on a number of different vessels or you can utilise your own vessel and bring our crew along as expert guides. Private tuition is also available and whilst this style of trip is not within every ones budget, it does result in very rewarding results. Testimonials are available upon request from past clients.


Price depends on charter vessels used and duration of trips but all trips are “All inclusive” with no further costs.

Please contact us for more information.

2010 Coral Sea Trips Report

Blue Water Hunting International has just completed their two annual 9-day live a board spearfishing expeditions to the Coral Sea.

Planned for the best “spearfishing” and “weather” time of the year, (November and December) the BWHI crew were blessed with magnificent weather and SENSATIONAL spearfishing.

Both trips were led by BWHI principal and multiple Australian Spearfishing Champion Robert Torelli along with fellow guides Dr. Adam Smith and Murray Peterson. Guests came from across the globe to fish in what many call the “Mount Everest of spearfishing, the pristine and abundant waters of the Coral Sea”.

Divers were mainly targeting blue water species such as the massive Dog Tooth Tuna that this region is famous for. Other species landed included Wahoo, Black Marlin, Dolphin Fish, Yellow fin Tuna, Giant Trevally and the tasty Green Job fish. Visibility varied between 25-40 meters with a toasty warm 29.5 Degrees Celsius water temperature.

Trip one saw the divers depart Port Douglas and return to Cairns and dive the remote reefs of the Coral Sea. Destinations visited included Holmes Reef, Bougainville Reef, Shark Reef, Vema Reef, southern Osprey Reef and various Sea Mounts. Dogtooth Tuna were regularly encountered and specimens up to 200 pound were seen by the selective spearfisherman. Whilst the largest specimen landed was a 120 pound specimen by US based spearfisherman Jim McCollem several divers lost potential National and World Record fish! Blue Marlin were also encountered along with numerous Wahoo. One dead calm afternoon a floating FAD was found and this kept the divers entertained for the afternoon with numerous Wahoo and Dolphin Fish being taken.

The second trip departed Cairns and would return to Port Douglas. Again the seas were very favourable with no wind over 10-15 knots and most days less than 5 knots! A large number of Black Marlin were encountered and divers saw Marlin on most days. US based spearfisherman Nick Lopez landed his heaviest fish ever with a 250 pound Black Marlin whilst his dad George “Doc” Lopez landed a personal best 120 pound Dogtooth Tuna! The “honours” on this trip though went to Australian based spearfisherman Andrew Bateman with a 180 pound Dog Tooth Tuna. Andrew landed this incredible fish single handed with a 1.3 meter double rubber speargun and single point. Andrew had previous seen fish to this size but could not get a good shot. When this monster materialised in front of the flasher Andrew took very careful aim and landed a truly world class Dog Tooth Tuna. Other good fish landed include nice Wahoo to 60 pounds and Yellow fin Tuna to 50 pounds. On this trip the divers fished the northern reefs such as Shark, Vema and Osprey along with several isolated Sea Mounts.

If you would like to see some of the action from the trips please view the slideshow link below:
Trip 1:

All up both trips proved very entertaining and successful and many of the same divers plan to return again next year. BWHI are at present planning their 2011 Coral Sea expeditions and will be running several more expeditions to cater for the insatiable demand. For more information, contact Robert Torelli at Blue Water Hunting International at: or phone: + 613 5998 1116.

Coral Sea Sustainable Spearfishing

The Coral Sea is one of the most important areas for Australian spearfishers because of clear water and big fish such as Dogtooth tuna and other pelagics. The Coral Sea is the trip of a lifetime for selective spearfishers but we have major concerns that future access may be restricted due to proposed large marine protected areas. In order to share information about our sustainable activity and the importance of the Coral Sea, the Australian Underwater Federation is working with key divers and organisations such as Blue Water Hunting International and TV show, “Spearing the Menu” to collect research (eg dogtooth biology, shark counts) and credible information on Sustainable Spearfishing.

A media release and two TV segments (vision from Andy Hallam) see links below, which aim to communicate with our stakeholders and the general public about sustainable Spearfishing and the importance of the Coral Sea.

7 News Report
Win News Report
AUF Media Release

You can help communicate by talking to people about the importance of Spearfishing in the Coral Sea or supporting the AUF with your membership, time or money ( or writing to your local or federal Politician with your views.

2011 Coral Sea Expeditions

All up both trips proved very entertaining and successful and many of the same divers plan to return again next year. BWHI are at present planning their 2011 Coral Sea expeditions and will be running

several more expeditions to cater for the insatiable demand. For more information, contact Robert Torelli at Blue Water Hunting International at: or phone: + 613 5998 1116.


PDF >> Mesmerised by Marion Reef
PDF >> Personal Best in the Coral Sea

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