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History in the making…..

August 2006 saw a quantum leap forward in blue water spearfishing in New Zealand and in deed the world! Five Pacific Blue Fin Tuna were landed off the coast of Greymouth, New Zealand weighing between 180-292 kilograms smashing the IUSA and IBRSC World Record of 180 kg set back in 1981 by Terry Maas. Since 2006 Blue Water Hunting International have led two very successful guided expeditions back to this region in 2007 and 2008. These guided trips resulted in ALL clients being able to get a spear into a Blue fin Tuna. All fish weighed in at over 210 kg!
Rod and his 240kg Blue Fin Tuna

These fish were landed in the cool and open waters approximately 50-80 kilometres off Greymouth, (on the West Coast of New Zealands South Island). These massive Blue Fin Tuna weighing upto 450 kg are on their migratory pass through this area when they were attracted to this area by fish (Hoki) falling out of the commercial fisherman haul nets along with chum. Spearfisherman, diving in the general area of commercial Hoki fishing boats would find schools of Blue Fin Tuna. With the use of berley/chum the divers were given the opportunity to land these monsters of the deep.


The average size fish is 500 pounds but don’t be surprised if a 1000 pound fish is seen or landed. Blue Water Hunting International is extremely confident that their 2009 expedition will produce fish and have limited places down to a maximum of five divers only and two guides. Whilst our charter boat can take up to twelve fishermen, we have limited our expedition to these numbers to help ensure good results. We will be still relying on “Mother Nature” to provide favourable sea conditions. There are no guarantees of results, but the facts are that the clients will be:

"In the best and most proven location in the world to hunt MASSIVE Blue Fin Tuna with the most experienced and proven team in the world".

Hoki Fishing Vessels This is one of the highest pinnacles to reach in the world of blue water spearfishing and to do this clients will need to be fully prepared and with the best equipment and team available.

It can be compared to a mountaineer quest when they attempt an assault on Mount Everest.

Below is a basic outline of these expeditions and how Blue Water Hunting International plans to implement a safe and successful expedition.


Blue Water Hunting International has commissioned a 70 foot charter boat for a 14 day time period with the idea of utilising the best few days of each week for their two charters. The weather in this region at this time of the year can produce rough seas and “patience” will be the key to the success. It is planned that the clients and guides will meet at Greymouth and wait for the seas to be safe enough to depart from. On shore they will stay in motel accommodation. There is a notorious bar at the mouth of the river at Greymouth and we will need to respect our fully qualified skipper’s decision. Our skipper has been fishing from this port for over 20 years and is a wealth of information. We will be diving offshore in the open water and ideally we need a light wind situation.

Once we leave Greymouth we have approximately 3-4 hours travelling before arriving at the Tuna grounds. The total duration of the Tuna expedition will be around 48-72 hours, with a maximum of 96 hours (4 days maximum given perfect conditions). We will be living in the open water for these few days at sea and this generally takes it toll on most divers. We will have some flexibility but the weather will dictate the terms.


The diving conditions can vary from trip to trip and this obviously depends on the weather, distance from shore and closeness to the commercial fishing trawlers. Typically, underwater visibility is approximately 50 feet and water temperature about 14 Degrees Celsius. Surface conditions will depend on swell and wind but we only envisage working in more favourable conditions. Divers may need to dive in choppy conditions at times.

Other marine life in the area includes lots of New Zealand fur seals and the occasional Mako shark. (None have been encountered by spearfisherman yet) There are usually lots of sea birds in the area as well as Minke Whales and Dolphins.


The target species is the magnificent Pacific Blue Fin Tuna. These can grow in excess of 450 kg. The average weight of the specimens seen and caught in the 2006-07-08 seasons was about 220 kg and they were seen up to 450 kg making that 1000 pound fish a possible dream come true. The chance of catching the heaviest game fish ever speared is quite possible also (at present it is a Blue Marlin of 760 pounds or 345.5 kg) and Blue Water Hunting International are very excited at the prospect of a client landing such a trophy fish!

Another possible species that could be caught is the Southern Blue Fin Tuna (SBT). These fish are typically around early in the season (July) and can grow up to an amazing 170 kg with the SBT averaging 100 kg. The current World Record for SBT is less than 30 kg and the likelihood of a World Record SBT for those who target them is very good.

There is no real likelihood of spearing any other species on this trip other than maybe some Albacore Tuna but clients can line fish of an evening for Blue Fin Tuna or Mako sharks. IGFA World Records size specimens are possible as well.

The Blue Fin Tuna does cook up well and clients will be given several meals of fish whilst at sea. It also makes great Sashimi. Any fish speared will be chilled down and cleaned any donated to a worthy organisation. Clients can take some fresh fish home with them as well.

Check out some action from our 2008 trip!



Blue Water Hunting International has arranged their two 7-day packages/charters in the peak of the tuna season in second half of August, 2009. The Blue Fin season can start in July and go through to the end of September, but typically “peaks” in the second half of August.

Contact us if you would like more information on these packages.


As with all of our charter destinations, private charters are available with “one on one” coaching and guidance. This obviously will substantially increase your chances of landing a massive Blue fin Tuna due to the lesser number of divers. This will make for a more expensive option but can be arranged.

Contact us for more information.


As the Blue Fin trips really are the ultimate spearfishing challenge the Blue Water Hunting International team will film and produce a quality DVD of your expedition. This is included in your package price. Quality underwater stills photographs will also be given to clients on a CD. The 2008 trip DVD and CD will be available for perusal for potential clients in late October, 2008.


Attempting to spear World Record size Pacific Blue Fin Tuna is no easy task. Blue Water Hunting International has put together a package that gives every diver the best chance possible to land their dream fish.

These packages are “complete” and are based on Blue Water Hunting International vast experience in putting together extreme blue water hunting expeditions. They are not cheap expeditions but then again going to attempt to climb Mount Everest is not cheap either. When you are dealing with potentially dangerous situations and investing serious money you want to know you are with the best team available. To many clients this is very important. You simply can not afford to “cut corners and costs” when your life depends on it. Several other operators have tried expeditions to this region without any success due to lack of experience.

Booking an expedition with Blue Water Hunting International to go blue water spearfishing for Blue Fin Tuna is a serious trip and you should consult Robert Torelli about any concerns before securing your position. They are not for the faint hearted or is it a relaxing holiday on a tropical island.

Package prices include:
* Detailed pre trip advice including prior trip DVD showing basic operating details,
* The best choice of charter vessels in the area (these skippers are used to working with blue water spearfisherman and are from a commercial Blue Fin Tuna fishing background),
* An edited DVD of the entire trip action and CD of all the images,
* A personalised guide and photographer in the water with them,
* Motel accommodation when not out at sea during their stay,
* Price is X Greymouth, New Zealand. All divers are required to meet in Greymouth.
* A Blue Water Hunting International fleece Jacket and hat.

Package price does not include flights/travel to and from Greymouth or meals/drinks whilst ashore at Greymouth waiting for the trip to depart.

Package prices (based on 5 paying passengers sharing costs) are $5995 USD. A $1995 USD deposit is required and final payment ($4000 USD) required 90 days prior.



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Rob and Rod Seddon and his 240 kg Bluefin Tuna
Rob and Rod Seddon and his
240 kg Bluefin Tuna


Rob and Rod Seddon and his 240 kg Bluefin Tuna
"Our NZ 2007 bluefin tuna trip was nothing short of outstanding. We had a perfect group of experianced guides and captains put together for a trip of a lifetime. The guides were top notch in and out of the water. To tackle fish of this size and in this element you need to have the best, and Bluewater Hunting International provided just that. Not only can these guides and captains put you on the fish but they will help to ensure you have the best possible chance to land a fish of a lifetime."


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